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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Last Airbender Movie Review

I have to say the film was okay, found it very choppy and yes it did not hold totally true to the main animation of the original Avatar the last air bender. Plus it was a major speed through like if somebody just hit the fast forward button from the beginning right to the end of the film.

There was no time for you to have a real feel of what the story is truly about let alone have a understanding of what the charters where going through. I did however enjoyed the first 3/5 min of the film where it did hold true and found interesting but really OUCH for the rest.

The art work, graphics and design where good almost great but good. Generally I would not say anything about film but in this case I really don't recommend it to anybody unless your renting it. This film I say needs a lot more work to be done to it and cut back on the cheese action far to many action very little quality care.

I have seen many cheese films and this film would defiantly be add to the cheese list of films. I knew the film was not going to hold true to the main story line but still I did expect better from M.Knight. This is not his greats work at all out of all the great films he has down this is the worst film that I have ever seen come from him.

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